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Heather began her real estate investing career with absolutely nothing! She learned to leverage other people's time, money and resources to purchase over $2 Million in real estate in her first 8 months.

She has since begun teaching the same zero-down real estate strategies that she was able to successfully master in a short time. She has over 13-years experience in teaching and training people of all ages and incomes, and over 9 years of developing and implementing successful, duplicable systems.

While she continues to build her wealth through real estate and employ new strategies, her main focus today is on teaching others to become successful investors. She has developed an intensive training program targeted to teach new investors how to get started earning income quickly and with minimal risk. She has taught her techniques to graduates of other bootcamps as well as local area investors and successfully organized and managed her own three-day bootcamps.

She has been trained and mentored by the leading experts in real estate, speaking and promoting in the country.

She has recently completed two products, The "Complete Guide to Getting Started" and "The Complete Guide to Organized Rehab™."

"During the summer of 2000, a former friend gave me a book to read, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," by Robert Kiyosaki. I realized at that time that Real Estate was going to be my vehicle to financial independence. From that time on, I read anything and everything that I could on Real Estate, but never invested in my training.

Right around this time, I had been laid off from my graphics job and began working odd jobs just trying to make ends meet for the next year and a half. At one point, I took a job knocking door-to-door selling alarm systems in "lower-income" neighborhoods. I had done some freelance work as a web designer and was, most recently, teaching adults various computer applications and developing training programs at a technical school.

Then, one day my friend called me because her brother had gone into foreclosure and needed a way out. After a day or two of trying to make the decision, we jumped on it. Within the next few days, we had stopped the foreclosure and taken over a property that needed some extensive repair. We spent the next month at the property, making every mistake imaginable and finally put it on the market in September, 2002, and began to wait.

Months passed and our lives went on. I spent the holidays in Spain with my boyfriend and his entire family. We planned our future, which included moving back in the next year and starting our life together over there. We were coming home to save up some money and tie up some loose ends, and then we were heading back!

Upon returning to the states, we began to argue. We were living at his sister's house and couldn't take the pressure. Within three weeks, our relationship had ended. Unfortunately, I had spent my last penny and maxed my last credit card out, and had two weeks to move out.

During that time, I saw an ad in the Sunday newspaper for a "free" training event. I called that same friend, and we decided to go. We weren't going to spend anything, but we had decided it was time to start educating ourselves and to take advantage of this opportunity. We went to the free Real Estate seminar.

Everybody talks about those moments when you just know that something is right to do and that was one of those moments. We couldn't afford any luxuries at the time, but we knew we needed more knowledge and more importantly we needed to learn how to apply it.

I found a way to get to the boot camp by leveraging other people's money and within two weeks put $12,000 dollars back into our pockets. Within three weeks, by taking the techniques we learned at the event, we sold the house we had been holding onto for the last four months.

Within weeks I negotiated the purchase of my own home through creative techniques and continued to move forward from there. In our ten months in business together, my partner and did 26 deals and I continue to do between 2-5 deals each and every month applying the same techniques that I teach my students.

I have had my ups and downs. But, after all of it passed, I stopped one day and looked back to realize that I have been so fortunate and been able to accomplish so much in such a short time. I realize that there are good times and bad times, but in the end what matters is how you got through them.

I have since gone on to work with many instructors and trainers nationwide. I ma a proponents of continuing my education and continue to participate in various seminars and training events regularly, both as a student and support staff. I have taken the time to learn both sides of the seminar business and pride myself on delivering educational, inspirational and motivational products and presentations on investing and developing personal wealth.

I have shared platforms with notable speakers such as John Dessauer, JJ Childers, and John Childers. In 2004, we will be joining stages where many other successful speakers and coaches have taught before."