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"I really enjoyed your class. I think everyone got a lot out of it. As a testament to that, I noticed unalike most classes where the students can't wait for the bell to ring, most of the people hung around afterward to talk with each other and or you. I think that says a lot about the great opportunity you offered us and all of the good information we received. I'll be looking forward to taking your course as well as JJ's and Mary's."
- Lill Gravit, Student

"I really want to make this work and I know I can.. I can relate to your story
and I like the way you present what reservations a person might have in your first lesson,, it is very helpful to relate to and the books reccomended to
overcome anything and knowing you both had to do that also makes this tangible to a lot more people."
-Claire ChamberlainS

"Thanks to web-sites like yours and others-----it makes the business even easier. Thanks for your help and the inspiration"
-Mike Loader

"I have spent at least $10,000 on education to learn Real Estate Investing, Heather put it together for me. I had so many questions I couldn't get answered, they answered them before I asked. Thank you so much!"
-Adrianah, Bookkeeper
Miami, Florida

"[She] does an awesome job of presenting and imparting knowledge."
Coral Springs, Florida

"You are the best! You are so inspiring. Thank for keeping it so REAL."
-Sonya, Director of Creative Services
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"Heather is exciting, energetic and are a wonderful motivation for me. Attending this weekend gave me a second wind. I had a wonderful time. I hope to follow in their steps. Wonderful course!"
-Joe, Recent College Graduate

"This training is invaluable to the person who has graduated from a Robert Allen Institute and is ready to move to the next level. I would suggest a prospective student wait 6-8 weeks minimum after Robert Allen Workshop. Material presented in a manner that makes it understandable. Great job you guys. I will always be grateful for all the help I've received from 'Heather Seitz'."
- John, Commercial Airline Pilot

"You are the GREATEST!!! I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar and learned a lot!
Thank You!"
-Gabriela, Bookkeeper

"Great Job! Thanks for being so 'hands on' and sharing your time and knowledge. I really liked that we talked about very real scenarios and that you both could relate to those who are just getting started."
-Jim, Sales

"I met Heather at a wealth building seminar on real estate earlier this year. They are both an inspiration not only to me, but to many others for their ambition and drive to succeed - I've not only found two truly great people as friends, but also as wonderful business partners."
-Leslie Aldama, Lic. Mortgage Broker
Miami, FL



"I chose you guys to help me, because something about a women's outlook on the world is correct. Talk about women's intuition or just a more even keel... Thank you for guiding me down the path, and I look forward to the
day I can call you and tell you I quit my job and am moving towards what I want to do."

Los Angeles, California

"She not only have created a successful real estate business, they have also enriched the community in the process. I am always in awe of their abilities and their courage. They came from knowing nothing about real estate, and through sheer force of will became experts in the industry."
Reed M. Sawyer
Real estate investor and former mentor

"Thinking that I was ready to invest, I found myself needing help on my very first deal. Unaware of the many pitfalls that experienced investors already know, I turned to [Heather Seitz] and they taught me what to do and even held my hand on occasion.
Richard McClelland
Fort Lauderdale, Florida