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This section of the site is a useful tool to new investors that are learning the homebuying process as well as individuals going through the homebuying process for the first time.

We also have three storefronts with available properties in South Florida, Orlando and Tampa. If you are interested in any of these properties, please contact us for more information.

For a current list of available properties in South Florida, please visit the Yamon! Investments storefront.
For a current list of available properties in Central Florida, please visit the Real Estate Store of Central Florida storefront
For a current list of available properties in Tampa Florida, please visit the Real Estate Store of Tampa storefront
Buying Your First Home

This section of the web site is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your new home purchase. Whether this is your first home or if you have been purchased many homes in your lifetime, this section is here to teach you about the process and educate you on the current market and factors affecting purchasing your home.

We have experience helping our clients get into homes even when other people told them it was impossible. We have many programs available regardless of your work history, credit or income to help you own your home.

We understand that it can be a scary experience when you are trying to get into a home. We have a specialized team of professionals that are experienced in all types of mortgages and financing, home inspections and title work that are sure to take some of the stress out of the entire process

While it's easy to get overwhelmed, buying a house doesn't have to be a painful ordeal. If you know all the details and understand what you're getting into, the process can be both enjoyable and educational. Yamon! will take you through the steps of preparing to buy a house, from figuring what's motivating your decision to finding out what kind of home you can afford. Then we'll take you step by step through the actual buying process, from getting prequalified to moving in.

Here you will find helpful hints, checklists and "To-Do" lists for buying a home, as well as links to other sources of information. If you are a first-time homebuyer, begin with our section devoted to buying your first home. Don't go into your housing purchase unprepared - get all the tools you need right here.

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Wholesale Resources

We work very closely with new investors who are trying to establish and grow their real estate business. In this section, you will find information on beginning your business and many resources that you will need for the purchase, renovation and resale of your property. We have dedicated our resources section to investors. There you will find many resources for finding your deals, funding them and holding or marketing them.

We give you access to our hard money lenders, contractors, and tools that have have helped us achieve success over our career.

We offer a variety of information free of charge for the serious investor who wants to stay up to date on all things real estate related. We update these pages daily and add information as our members request it. The information provided in these pages comes from the most successful mentors, trainers and investors in the country. To stay up to date on newest additions, join our free mailing list.