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Belief When You Don't

By Heather

We got into our real estate investing career with no money and very little confidence. We were afraid of rejection, at least I was! We had a decent amount of knowledge from the books we had read, but no practical application to fall back on.

We started our new careers on a dream and a hope that this would work. When we began, I was ending a relationship and basically without a place to live nor any money to move. Stacy and her husband weren't too much better off! We dove head first into a pool that we couldn't see the bottom of and just hoped for the best.

So, we decided to spend someone else's money on a training seminar. It was the best investment we could have ever made. At the seminar, we were able to put together a deal and make $12,000. We weren't sure how we pulled it off, but we did. And from that moment on, we had successful people believing in us. There were times that we doubted if what we were doing was right, if we were getting in over our heads. And undoubtedly, we did things wrong and got in over our heads more than once or twice.

But fortunately, we found mentors. We found successful people that had done what we wanted to be doing. And because we had developed courage, they saw something in us and helped us through those rough times. They continue to teach us and to help us learn and grow into the business that we want to have.

We said to ourselves on more than one occasion "I don't know what they see in us, but we better keep at it 'cause they see something!"

When we didn't think we could do it, they did. When we wanted to give up, they wouldn't let us. When we got frustrated, they put things in a different light. They were, and continue to be, here for us and cheering for our success. At times, we felt like we had to push just a little more because we didn't want to let them down.

If you don't have a mentor, find one. Find someone who has done what you want to do and is willing to teach you. It is worth its cost in gold! We would not be where we are now or be able to get to where we are going without our team of mentors. We are very thankful to them and continue to try to prove to them that their time is that which is well spent!