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How Fear Can Keep You From Limitless Income

By Heather

Are you emotionally stable to be financially free?

With a little bit of time and self-reflection I believe everyone can come to an honest ansIr.

The Story….
During the first month of 2003, things was not looking so great from my point of view.

I did not have a places to live and was independently employed in a market that had been severely influenced by a downturn in the economy and had both been financially affected by a declining stock market as Ill as mistakes in real estate investing. I was not only succumbing to various fears, but rather being paralyzed by them.

I did not lose hope, or belief in myself or even in the real estate market. Nor did I get angry and blame it on the authors of the books I had read and implemented the concepts of. I did however start to doubt that I was destined to be above average, that maybe I was supposed to be just like everyone else.

Various fears were creeping up into my everyday life. The only hope was to identify them and work to overcome them. I had been partners in various businesses before, and they had failed. Why were they not successful? I could not quite identify it then, but now retrospectively I can honestly say that in one way or another I had sabotaged them, more afraid of success than failure. I was not emotionally ready to be financially free, UNTIL NOW!!

In February of 2003, I took a motivational and financial seminar titled, Creating Wealth. For three days I listened intently to the teachers, experienced and successful entrepreneurs well versed in the various areas of real estate investing. They educated us and taught us to make informed decisions and where to find the information to do so. Even more importantly, in that weekend they taught me to believe in myself, something I think most people in that room missed, but I did not.

That weekend, they helped me work through the first of many successful deals. They stood by me and made me believe that I deserved the profits I would make from the deal; that composure, compassion and the development of posture was what would take me to the next level.

I signed a $12,000.00 dollar contract that weekend and had the cash within thirty days. In less than a week I was able to secure a contract on the foreclosed property I had invested in months before, using a technique learned that weekend that allowed me to assist a family with their down payment through a charity program. Three weeks later I put nearly $20,000 back into my pocket.

Since that time I have purchased over one million dollars in real estate, I have sold some for a profit, kept some for rental income and purchased homes for my family members. I have recognized the importance of overcoming fear and using positive energy to help those who are less fortunate. I have put together this story, filled with information and exercises on overcoming fear, I welcome you to review and take what is for you and pass it on to someone else who may have an interest in overcoming their fears to become financially free.

Fear and pride will not provide for you, it will only hinder the greatness of the human spirit.

In prosperity and happiness,