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To Whom it may concern,

I first met Heather and Stacy when I was a member advisor, and they were preparing to become students of the Robert Allen Institute.

Before they had even gone to class they wrote an offer on a property and sold the contract for $12,000 cash. As I got to know them, they each displayed courage, curiosity, and unbelievable enthusiasm.

They started putting offers on houses, and getting them accepted. They didn't think of real estate as an easy one step system. Instead they had an integrated approach that combined their flair for publicity, their concern for their clients, and an unwavering belief in doing things the right and honest way.

I sent them a large commercial deal, and they accelerated the learning curve, becoming experts in problem solving and making deals happen. They also increased their knowledge and networking base.

I started referring to them as my "Miami Superstars" because they not only exceeded all of my expectations, they started exceeding expectations of everyone that they came into contact with.

Heather and Stacy not only have created a successful real estate business, they have also enriched the community in the process. I am always in awe of their abilities and their courage. They came from knowing nothing about real estate, and through sheer force of will became experts in the industry.

I count them as my greatest success. My pride in their accomplishments has no boundaries. If you deal with them you will be treated fairly, equitably, and with honor.

Reed M. Sawyer
Real estate investor and former mentor