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Hello Heather,

OK, I spent lots of money on courses in 2003 to learn how I could spend more quality time with my family & be able to tutor more students at the library.

It became apparent that I can only do this if I was not working at my
40hr/week job. So, I was on a mission to learn from quality mentors like
Ron LeGrand, Richard Roop and Jeff Kaller.

I also had to convince my wife that this was for real. That was a very
challenging time for us.

So, here I am, armed with lots of knowledge and confidence to complete my
goals. Your caring and willingness to help on the Greg Warr calls made me
sit up and take notice.

I chose you guys to help me, because something about a women's outlook on
the world is correct. Talk about women's intuition or just a more even
keel... Thank you for guiding me down the path, and I look forward to the
day I can call you and tell you I quit my job and am moving towards what I
want to do.

Sincerely, Thomas
Real Estate Investor